About me

My name is Stian Angermund, I live in Bergen, Norway. 
I'm a professional runner sponsored by Salomon.

I have practising sport my whole life. In my teenage years, I did biathlon, and in my twenties, I started competing in the mountains. First uphill races in Norway. Then mountain races all over the world. The last years I have been taking part in The Golden Trail Series and Skyrunning.

I love spending time in the mountains and I find it fun to put on a bib. 
Results from the last years can be found here.


In my professional athlete life, I have been coaching myself for more than 10 years as professional athlete. I have achieved many of my own running specific goals.

I want to help others to achieve their goals.
I'm coaching runners at all levels. The coaching will be online with video calls and include training plans; nutrition advice in daily workouts and races, race strategies, core exercises, strength and flexibility, specific personalised workouts, mental aspects in racing and preparation, which all be part of a personalised plan.

In my coaching, I focus on providing the knowledge for runners to training themselves in the future. 

If you are interested in being coached by me Send me a message here

From January until the end of June, I'm out on parental leave