About me

In 2021 I'm planning to organise a training camp if the Covid-19 situation allows it.


The training camp will be for the average runner. You don't need to be winning races to take part. It's more for the runners that want to learn how to train for mountain races. During the camp, I will introduce different types of training sessions for mountain running. The goal is to improve knowledge for training and enjoy spending time in beautiful nature.


More information about the training camp will be posted here when its ready.

My name is Stian Angermund, I live in Bergen, Norway. 
I'm a professional runner sponsored by Salomon.

I have practising sport my whole life. In my teenage years, I did biathlon, and in my twenties, I started competing in the mountains. First uphill races in Norway. Then mountain races all over the world. The last years I have been taking part in The Golden Trail Series and Skyrunning.

I love spending time in the mountains and I find it fun to put on a bib. 
Results from the last years can be found here.


In my professional athlete life, I have been coaching myself for more than 8 years as a professional athlete.
I have achieved many of my own running specific goals.

I want to help others to achieve their goals.
I'm coaching runners at all levels. The coaching will be online with video calls and by training plans.

If you are interested in being coached by me then
Send me a message here


Training camp